Cast: Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Kadhir, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Shraddha Srinath
Direction, story & screenplay: Pushkar, Gayathri
Dialogues: Manikandan
Producers: S.Sashikanth
Banner: Y NOT Studios
Distribution: Trident Arts
Music director: Sam.C.S
Cinematographer: P.S.Vinod
Editor: Richard Kevin
Sound designers: Hari Haran, Sachin Sudhakaran
Art director: Vinoth Rajkumar
Costumes: Gayathri
Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan
Language: Tamil
Release date: 21-07-2017
Censor certificate: U/A
Duration: 2hrs, 27mins
Genre: Action Drama


Madhavan as Vikram is a honest and strict encounter specialist is a part of a secret police mission to capture the dangerous/ smart gangster Vedha
who is Vijay Sethupathi. How does the operation progresses and what details do Maddy get in the move and its consequences forms the remaining story.


Pushkar & Gathri’s writer duo is even more stronger than before as their script is solid and gives a new dimension to the genre. Their execution is
very different and taking the ‘Vikramadithyan-Vedalam’ style narration is damn impressive. The main hero of the film is its unpredictable flow path.
The director duo is good and have extracted the essence well. Manikandan’s dialogues are sharp and meaningful, thus the effect is great. Madhavan gets
a superb role and he has completely justified it with a power-packed acting. Vijay Sethupathi is definitely the show freezer, his characterization is
awesome and performance is amazing as a fearless gangster. Kadhir and Shraddha have got proper importance and all have done well. Varalakshmi has given
her best with her extended cameo. Almost all the supporting artist’s roles are effective and well crafted. Sam’s songs are fine especially Yaanji & Core
in the soft and hard side respectively. His background music is excellent and elevates each & every moment to a vast extent. P.S.Vinod’s cinematography
is superb, his work is solid be it the break-less portions or the actions. Richard Kevin’s editing is nice and he has tried something different in few
areas which has to appreciated. Sound design is in the superior quality. Vinoth Rajkumar’s art direction excels the rest especially in the interiors.
Gayathri’s costumes too falls on the positive side for the film. Dhilip Subbarayan’s stunts are neat and believable. There are plenty of scenes which
are really powerful and will easily excite the viewers. Build-up given to Vedha’s character is interesting. Few facts presented as impactful dialogues
are clap worthy. Chemistry between Maddy and Sethu rocks the whole movie. Film is mostly raw and matured. Twists and turns are beautifully delivered.
The emotionally packed moments also works out big time in the film. All the scenes have a perfect meaning and it’ll be realized after the justification.


Tasakku Tasakku is actually not so necessary for the film and it felt like force fit addition for commercial purpose. Varalakshmi’s role has less
substance and importance is also not given correctly. The script despite of taking off in the early stages, there are few things which takes some time
to settle. There are slowly moving scenes here and there which feels like a kind of a lag. Editor could’ve consciously reduced the duration by 3-5mins.
The ending is clean but the pre-climax game is slightly dragging with some drama. Climax fight is just Okay as it turns monotonous and needlessly quirky.

VERDICT – A smartly made unique gangster drama which ticks both the raw & excitement side with ease.

“VIKRAM VEDHA” Movie Rating – 3.25 / 5

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