Sudeep Act In Vikram Vedha Remake (Kannada)

Art has no boundaries, be it in any form. When it comes to cinemas, no matter what the hatred might be, a film simply cannot be stalled if it’s a masterpiece. One such mind-blowing film of the recent times is the Kollywood film, Vikram Vedha. It has already been declared a super-hit in Kollywood and is ready to enter Sandalwood. Yes, the chances of Vikram Vedha being remade in Sandalwood, is pretty high as a famous producer from Sandalwood has expressed his interest to remake it.

Vikram Vedha was one of the best and remarkable films of 2017 without a doubt. The film drove people and youth into a frenzy because of its excellent plot and an amusing climax. Santhosh Anandram, one of the best directors of Sandalwood, has heaped praises on Vikram Vedha for the way it is made. Now, there are rumours that Kichcha Sudeep will be a part of the remake.

Producer C. R. Manohar

Producer C. R. Manohar, who is producing the upcoming film, The Villain, has apparently set his eyes on the remake rights of Vikram Vedha. According to sources, the producer has made his mind to approach the producers of Vikram Vedha for remake rights.

Remake In Three Languages Apparently, it is said that C. R. Manohar will remake the film in Kannada, Telugu as well as Hindi, according to the sources.

What Does Sudeep Have To Say?

As of now, Kichcha Sudeep has not responded to any of these news on social media. Sandalwood pundits are speculating that there are chances of Sudeep saying yes to the remake, but we wonder how he will manage his time as he already has more than a couple of films lined up in various other film industries as well.

About Vikram Vedha Vikram Vedha, released in July 2016, opened to positive reviews both from the audience as well as the critics. The film stars R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. It was made at a budget of 11 Crore rupees but its box office collections crossed 50 Crore rupees.

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